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Respect and Motivation

Recognized as a National Enterprise Technology Center and a National High-tech Enterprise, Tonghua Dongbao has established partnerships with colleges and universities and has developed a large pool of talented R&D staff and engineers. They are provided with targeted high-tech talent cultivation and improvement training based on the company's needs and specific roles.

We offer a competitive package of employee benefits to attract and retain talents. We offer equity compensation to mid- to senior-level management, and backbone researchers, and reward anyone who has made a significant contribution. We consistently optimize the compensation structure to guarantee that it supports motivation, and is fair, and competitive. A rational appraisal procedure is also in place for salary increases and promotion to provide a strong support system for the growth of employees.

We always strive to allocate human resources in a reasonable way and ensure that every employee finds his or her place in the company. To provide an opportunity for exceptional talent to apply their knowledge and competence and create favorable conditions for their growth, the company builds a variety of training platforms for high-end technical talents and sticks at a technology-driven talent strategy to enable a virtuous cycle of technological and talent development.

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  • Staff Stories

    I have never regretted the day when I boarded the vast ship of Dongbao. Though our voyage is not always smooth sailing, over the years I have seen a variety of products make the leap from our labs to the market. Here, supervisors and employees have each other's back. When the going gets tough, an encouraging smile always lifts my heart and strengthens my resolve to “constantly build a global brand through indigenous innovation” with all my crewmates.

    Tian Xuehua

    Director of Injection Production Department

  • Staff Stories

    Dongbao has borne witness to my growth, every step of the way. I feel privileged and proud to be part of this loving family. Surrounding myself with the kindliest of co-workers from the ablest of teams, I believe this life-affirming company is my best opportunity to fulfill my passion and purpose.

    Zhang Lu

    Manager of Quality Assurance Department – Drug Substances

  • Staff Stories

    From a fresh rookie to a thirtysomething veteran, I have been on an exciting journey of laughter, tears, and vivid memories with Dongbao. As my project advances, my sense of fulfillment also soars. I am grateful to my accommodating supervisor and my supportive team. Together we will take bold steps to expand our product line.

    Wang Guangqi

    Head of Chemical Drug R&D Department

  • Staff Stories

    As a Tonghua native, I can never be too proud of Dongbao. Coming here was my childhood dream. Over the years at Dongbao, I have learned quite a lot. I am deeply attracted to Dongbao's culture and its charismatic leaders. Dongbao is like a second family to me. I will love and serve Dongbao with all my heart.

    Guo Changrun

    Project Head

  • Staff Stories

    Over the past seven years, the Dongbao spirit of perseverance, dedication, preciseness, collaboration, and happy work has kept me going. I hope I will grow with my company and live my youth to the full.

    Wang Wenna

    Manager of Registration Department

  • Staff Stories

    People often ask me, “Why do you like Dongbao so much?” If I could venture an answer, I think it is because Dongbao reminds us that we should “either be the best, or do not try at all”, because Dongbao calls on us to “move forward with innovative development as the times require”, and because Dongbao deepens our bond by “treating employees as family”. The high-quality cultural nutrients that Dongbao provides empowers me to become the best person I could be. Thank you, Dongbao. I will press on with an indomitable will toward our shared dream.

    He Qingxia

    Manager of Administration Department

  • Staff Stories

    I came to this big family four years ago, and I am deeply grateful for everything it has given me. Beautiful indeed is Dongbao's campus, yet what I find more beautiful is the caring culture that sustains it. As Finance Manager, I am fully aware of my responsibility. I hope I will prove my value to my company and contribute more to society. Thank you, Dongbao, for bringing me up. I will devote the rest of my life to serving you.

    Wang Yi

    Manager of Finance Department

  • Staff Stories

    I am very honored to be a Dongbao'er. Dongbao shows me the way to thrive, just as it gave me the strength to grow. Dongbao reminds me of the nobility and patriotism expected of an outstanding company. I take pride in every one of Dongbao's successes. I take pride in every bit of effort I made here. Every Dongbao'er is committed to achieving one goal: building a global brand through indigenous innovation.

    Nie Heng

    Medical Manager

  • Staff Stories

    Dongbao is the first and only company I have worked for after graduating from college in 2002. Over the past 18 years, I have been studying hard and working happily here. And I have been seeing Dongbao as my second family long since. I love you, Dongbao, and I promise to give you my all.

    Wang Shuai

    Insulin Sales Center Provincial Manager, Hebei

  • Staff Stories

    I have benefited quite a lot from my eight years at Dongbao. Now I am a well-trained professional who frequently gets the thumbs-up from my clients. I am a hard worker and a team player, and I am very proud to call Dongbao my family.

    Song Xuelian

    Insulin Sales Center Senior Medical Representative, Liaoning

  • Staff Stories

    For nearly three years, I have surrounded myself with a close-knit team at Dongbao. We grow together and work tirelessly for our shared goals. That is why we have come this far; that is why we will go even further. Thank you, Dongbao, for staying by my side.

    Wang Lu

    Insulin Sales Center Medical Representative, Sichuan

  • Staff Stories

    I came to this big family in August 2016. Over the years, I have been criss-crossing business premises across Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. As a southerner, being perceptive is in my blood. As a Dongbao salesman, I am punctual, precise and principled.

    Yang Yu

    Generic Drug Sales Center Business Manager, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

  • Staff Stories

    I have been with Dongbao for five years. I am grateful to my company for its consistent care and trust that keep me going and growing. As always, I will strive to do everything well and do my share for the greater good.

    Li Ning

    Generic Drug Sales Center Business Manager, Henan

  • Staff Stories

    I came here as a mere boy, and now I am past 40, an age defined by clarity of mind. It is my honor to have been part of Dongbao's sales team all these years, and I hope I can contribute to the company's success story for as long as humanly possible.

    Liu Feng

    Zhen Nao Ning Business Department Product Director, Shaanxi

  • Staff Stories

    I have been here for 18 years. Dongbao is the cradle of my career and the guidepost for my growth. I owe everything to my company's care and encouragement. With a heart filled with gratitude, I will perform my job duties to the best of my ability and keep pushing the boundaries to make the most out of life.

    Liu Yanling

    Zhen Nao Ning Business Department Product Director, Hunan